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read and complete

You must complete two tasks:

First:read the text carefully.Are you sure that you understand the general meaning?

Second:answer the questions.Be careful qith your spelling

On Monday Bob usually gets up at six thirty in the morning. Next, he brushes his teeth and takes a shower at seven. Then, he goes to school at eight. Bob usually has breakfast at school. Breakfast is at
nine. Bob usually has lunch at one p.m . After school, Bob goes home and does his homework. After that, he has dinner and watches TV. Finally, he goes to bed at ten p.m.

Answer the following questions:

1. What time does Bob get up on Monday?

2. What does Bob do after he gets up?

3. What times does he go to school?

4. When does Bob have breakfast?

5. What does Bob do at home?

6. What time does he go to

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some and any.Affirmative and negative sentences

Fill the gaps using either some or any.
I can see a house, a lake and _______________ trees.
2We've got one dog, two cats and _______________ fish.
3I like _______________ songs by Ricki Martin but not all of them.
4There are _______________ chocolate biscuits in the cupboard.
5I can't find _______________ books about dinosaurs.
6Natalia hasn't got _______________ friends in Athens.
7There aren't _______________ banana trees in Scotland.
8Have you got _______________ games for your computer?
9Are there _______________ messages for me?

first conditional-

Hi!,first conditional is very easy.Read the following box with the structure of the first conditional and complete the exercise.

This exercise is quite useful for 3rd and 4th of ESO.

First Conditional  Exercise at Auto-English
Fill the gap using the verb in brackets.Three gaps need a NEGATIVE verb and watch out for the third person Singular

1If Clare ___________________   late again, the hockey trainer will be furious. (to arrive)
2You'll be sorry if you ___________________  for your exams. (to revise)
3We ___________________  if the weather's good. (to go)
4They ___________________  you if you wear a wig and dark glasses. (to recognise)
5If the bus ___________________ on time, I won't miss the football. (to be)
6If you ___________________ your homework now, you'll be free all tomorrow. (to do)
7We___________________  out if there's no food at home. (to eat)
8You'll find life much easier if you ___________________ more often. (to smile)
If it's hot, we___________________  for a swim. (to go)
10You'll do it better if you ___________________ more time over it. (to take)
11If she ___________________ practising, she'll get better. (to keep)
12Mum will be very sad if Jim ___________________ Mother's Day again. (to forget)
13I___________________  so happy if I pass the exam. (to be)
14You'll be really tired tomorrow if you ___________________  to bed soon. (to go)
15The government ___________________  the next election if they continue to ignore public opinion. (to lose)
16If Valencia FC win the Spanish football league, I___________________  my hair blue. (to dye)
17If someone ___________________ you a bike, you can come with us. (to lend)