martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

for and since

More sentences about the time expressions for and since.

1. Nobody has seen him last Friday.

2. It has been foggy some days.

3. He has been fishing six o'clock.

4. They've been living in France eight years.

5. The pilots have been on strike two months.

6. We've had terrible weather Saturday.

7. I've known Tom 1990.

8. We have been waiting for the bus half an hour.

9. She hasn't lost a match April.

10. Things have changed she's become headmaster.

11. The police have been looking for him a month.

12. Our dog has been ill two days.

13. I've been looking for this book a long time.

14. I've been working I got up.

15. The kettle has been boiling ten minutes.

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