martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

present perfect-for and since

Remember the use of time expressions with the present perfect

since-with a specific period of time-since May

for-with a non -specific period of time-for two days

1. I haven't been to Italy July 2005.

2. She has lived in Paris

3. Jim has studied
three hours. Now he is tired.

4. My friend has been ill
a long time.

5. It has been raining
more than four days.

6. I haven't seen him

7. He hasn't had a holiday
last summer.

8. He hasn't done any work
a month.

9. We have had this car

10. We have been here
two hours.

11. She hasn't written

12. Carol hasn't eaten meat

13. We have been working in his office
three years.

14. It has been snowing
yesterday morning.

15. I haven't spoken to her
our quarrel.

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