martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

present perfect

Complete the following sentences with the tense-present perfect

do you know all the past participle of the following verbs?

1. Mrs Snow a fantastic cake. (make)

2. Debbie
a new bike. (buy)

3. I
my little dog yet. (not feed)

4. Sally and Jenny
a new CD player. (get)

5. Chris
wood for a raft. (not find)

6. The pupils
their homework. (not do)

7. Nick can't play football today. He
an accident with his bike. (have)

8. Liz
her homework yet. (not finish)

Julia to school today? (be)

10. What
you for lunch today, Mum? (make)

11. Bill
his cage, but he the dishes yet. (tidy up, not wash)

12. Sandra
a lot of things for her birthday party, but she the cakes yet. (buy,

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