lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

past simple-regular and irregular verbs.Affirmative and negative form

Fill in the past form.

1. Mammoths
big animals, bigger than elephants. (be)

2. Mammoths
100 years ago. (not live)

3. Mammoths
a long time ago. (live)

4. Mammoths
meat. They grass. (not eat / eat)

5. They
two large tusks about three metres long. (have)

6. Some dinosaurs
in the air and some in the sea. (fly / swim)

7. He
some milk. He any water. (drink / not drink)

8. She only
a pound. She 3 pounds. (spend / not spend)

9. I
some elephants. I any lions. (see / not see)

10. They
in the sea, but in the lake. (swim / not swim)

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