lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

future going to

Complete the following sentences with the rught form of the future-going to.

Remember we use this type of future when we talk about plans or promises.

1. I him tomorrow. (meet)

2. They
to Dublin. (drive)

3. He
to the football match. (go)

4. She
her aunt. (visit)

5. We
a test. (write)

6. They
them tea. (offer)

7. My friends
their holidays in Wales. (spend)

8. My uncle
a birthday present for Harry. (buy)

9. I
the rabbits. (feed)

10. My father
his car. (wash)

11. Tom
you with the homework. (help)

12. There
a meeting at our school. (be)

13. Winter holidays
in the first week of February. (be)

14. I it for you. (repair)

15. They Japanese. (learn)

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