lunes, 11 de abril de 2011


Complete the following sentences with the right form of the adjective:use the compartaive form

Sue’s car isn’t very big. She wants a car.

2. This house isn’t very modern. I like

3. You’re not very tall. Your brother is

4. Bill doesn’t work very hard. I work

5. My chair isn’t very comfortable. Your chair is

6. Jill’s idea wasn’t very good. My idea was

7. These flowers aren’t very nice. The blue one is

8. My case isn’t very heavy. Your case is

9. I’m not very interested in sports. I’m
in reading.

10. It isn’t very warm today. Yesterday it was

11. These tomatoes aren’t very good. The other ones taste

12. Ireland isn’t very big. France is

13. Liverpool isn’t very beautiful. London is

14. This knife isn’t very sharp. Have you got a

15. People today aren’t very polite.
In the past they were .

16. A cheetah is than a horse. (fast)

17. Susan’s hair is
than Betty’s. (short)

18. The Mt Blanc is
than the Großglockner, the Mt Everest is the mountain. (high)

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