lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

first conditional

remember the easy structure of the first conditional

if I study English,I will pass the exam

I will take an umbrella if it rains a lot

1. If I enough money, I will buy a new skateboard. (have)

2. If you help your mother, she
very happy. (be)

3. If Mary
(help) in the kitchen, she will get more pocket money.

4. She will be angry if you
the truth. (not tell)

5. You will have to walk if you
the bus. (miss)

6. If Tom is at home, he
TV. (watch)

7. The baby
if you are more quiet. (sleep)

8. If he is in San Francisco, he
Golden Gate Bridge. (see)

9. He
to the doctor's if he doesn't feel well tomorrow. (go)

10. We
good marks if we don't learn. (not get)

11. I
to the USA if I have enough money. (travel)

12. If they
a car they will drive to Italy. (buy)

13. If I work harder I
the exam. (pass)

14. If he
his car he won't get much money for it. (sell)

15. If he tells me the truth I
glad. (be)

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