martes, 19 de abril de 2011

passive voice

Complete the verbs in brackets in the passive voice but in the correct tense.It's very easy because I help you,I have written the right tense of each sentence between brackets

1. Paul (send) to prison. (Future tense)

2. My brother
(just beat) in the race. (Present perfect)

3. He
(tell) to wait outside. (Past tense)

4. I
(not pay) for the work. (Past tense)

5. Policemen
(often ask) for the way. (Present tense)

6. They lawn
(cut) once a week. (Present tense)

7. We
(ask) by the police. (Future tense)

8. The towels
(not use). (Past tense)

9. He
(not sell) the jewels. (Present perfect)

10. They
(teach) French. (Present tense)

11. The fire brigade
(phone) soon after the fire broke out. (Past perfect)

12. You
(laugh) at if you talk such nonsense. (Future tense)

13. All the fruits
(eat up) by the guests. (Past tense)

14. The letter
(answer) tomorrow. (Future tense)

15. Stamps
(sell) here. (Present tense)

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