lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

how much?,how many?

use how much?-with uncountable noun

use how many?-with countable noun

1. lemonade have we got? We’ve got only one bottle.

2. bottles are there? Three.

3. meat is there? We have got two steaks.

4. bananas have we got? We haven’t got any.

5. sugar have we got? Enough.

6. bread have we got? Some.

7. pens are in your bag? Six.

8. money have we got? We haven’t got a lot.

9. bikes are there in the garden? Two.

10. children have they got? Two girls and a boy.

11. milk have we got? About one and a half litre.

12. years is this wine? It’s 22 years old.

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