jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

modal verbs

Grammar is funny.Only two minutes.Test yourself and say me your results of modal verbs.

-she is your friend.You really------------------to help her
ought                                       should

-yes,the children----------------go to the beach,but they mustn't stay for long
are able                                  can

---------------------you like me to help you?
Would                                   shall

-----------------------I help you the dishes?
Would                                  shall

-----------------------you help me with my homework,please?
May                                     could

-you-----------------touch the ball with your hands.It's against the rules
don't have to                         mustn't

-I heard you the first time!You----------------tell me again!
Mustn't                                 needn't

-you-----------------bring a cake,unless you really want to
mustn't                                don't have to

-she-----------------work hard to pay the high rent for her flat
can                                      must

-you------------------go there on your own.It's dangerous

can                                        mustn't

---------------------you please help me with my bags?
Must                                        can

-don't depend on others.You--------------------try to be more independent
should                                       may

-don' mention that to her.She-----------------be embarrassed
should                                      might

-you-------------------arrive at exactly 10 o´clock.We´ll wait for you
didn't have to                         don't have to

-the bank was closed,so I--------------------withdraw any money
wasn't able to                         am not able to

-I----------------go to the lecture yesterday as I was ill
couldn't                                  can't

-I can hear the siren now.It---------------be the police
would                                     may

-Martine didn't have any money,so she----------------beg
need                                     to had to

--------------I pick you up at 9:00?
shall                                      would

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