jueves, 6 de enero de 2011


Guess the meaning of the following words.Later,complete the exercises.

rowed,finished with,dating,fancy,flirt with,kiss.

Later they have to match each word with the right definition and complete  a text with the correct form of the verbs.

Mark Taylor is giving out adverts in a busy shopping centre.He's advertising for a new girlfriend.
Mark has been unlucky in love.His last girlfriend was a disaster."We enjoyed eah other`s company,but we just weren't right for each other",he says."Actually,we rowed  all the time".Teo months ago,Mark finished with his girlfriend.

"Dating people is difficult",adds Mark."Normally,when you meet someone you fancy,you have to work hard to make a good impression.You flirt with them,but after a while you find out you have nothing in common!.At the end of the vening,you kiss them goodnight,but you know you won't keep in touch.I haven't got time to do all that-I'm just to busy"

write the bold verbs in the infinitive.Then match the infinitive verbs with the following meanings.

-behave in a way that suggests you find someone attractive

-have a romantic relationship with someone

-touch someone with your lips

-have a noisy argument

-end a relationship with someone

-find somebody attractive

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