miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

a programme of television

You and your friend(s) are working for an international television company, which produces programmes in English.
The company needs a new programme, to fill a gap of half an hour between 7 and 7.30 pm.This may be shown in many different countries.

Your boss has asked you and your friend(s) to plan this programme.

Task 1
Decide together with your friend(s):

1. What kind of a programme it will be (e.g. news/cartoon/documentary/

2. What kind of audience it is for.

3. What will happen during the programme.

4. Who will take part in it.

5. Where it will take place (e.g. in the studio/outside).

6. What you will call it.

7. How it will begin and end.

8. If you will need any special effects.

9. Why you think it will be successful.

Task 2

Write about your new programme, and present it to the class.

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