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Reading about London.What do you now about this fantastic city?

Read,undersatnd and later answer the questions.(the answers are at the end of the exercise)

London is a city that is built on water. In the future the problem will be how to hold back that water. The Thames Barrier was built to stop London flooding if the level of the river rose dangerously high after rain. Now the danger comes from the water below London streets.
The city has a rising water table. This means that at some point water will start to get into the basements of many modern, tall buildings. This could cause their foundations to move.
There is a danger zone in central London where many important modern buildings are very much at risk. That risk becomes greater as you travel east from Westminster. In the Docklands area the cost of repair work to threatened buildings could be more than one hundred million pounds.
Many tall buildings in London have a similar design to Lever House in New York, which was built in the 1950s. It is these buildings that are in the greatest danger. The different conditions in New York mean they would be quite safe there, but in London their foundations will suffer if the city’s water table continues to rise.
Since 1965 it has risen by nearly twenty metres under central London. Unfortunately, the people who designed the city’s new buildings in the 1960s and 70s thought the level would stay as low as ever. As a result of their miscalculations the capital’s tallest buildings and deepest tunnels are now in very real danger of flooding.
1. The Thames Barrier would stop the river from flooding London.
2. Water from the Thames could get into the basements of modern buildings.
3. Westminster is the area most at risk from flooding.
4. Lever House is in danger of flooding.
5. Architects in the 1960s and 70s knew the water table would rise.
6. ____ I told them the truth, they said they didn’t believe me.
A) Although B) Despite C) However
7. My brother _____ up at seven but not any more.
A) uses to get B) usually gets C) used to get
8. Tom loves ___ chocolate but his doctor has advised him to eat some only twice____ week.
A) the / a B) --- / the C) --- / a
9. -" Where are the saw and the hammer?" - "Who knows? They _______ be in the basement."
A) need B) ought C) may
10. Is that the lady _____ gave you the parcel?
A) that B) ------ C) whose
11. She promised _____ me but she never finds the time to do it.
A) to help B) helping C) help
12. I have decided to exercise every day and eat healthy food ______lose weight.
A) for to B) to C) for
13. Did your son phone when he arrived ________ Italy?
A) at B) in C) to
14. The president was annoyed because ten people left the room _____ his welcome speech.
A) for B) since C) during
15. Find out the different -ed sound.
A) planned B) planted C) climbed
16. Find out the different vowel sound.
A) mine B) bike C) since
17. If you don’t hurry, we are going to _______ the train to London.
A) lose B) be late C) miss
18. She can’t walk very well because she has got a terrible ____ in her left leg.
A) hurt B) harm C) pain
19. The weather was ______ rainy that we had to stay at home.
A) such B) such a C) so
20. Tom is _______ young ______ this jacket. He looks ridiculous.
A) enough / to wear B) too / to wear C) too / for to wear
21. Drivers often complain that there is _____ parking space in the city because of road works.
A) less B) fewer C) many
22. She gets up early in the morning and comes back home late at night, completely ________ after a hard workday.
A) wealthy B) stressing C) exhausted
23. I need a holiday. It is eight months since I ______ a day off.
A) had B) was having C) have had
24. If you need some money, you can always _____ it from me.
A) lend B) afford C) borrow
25. We really liked that house but it was too expensive for us. So, finally we decided that not buying it was the most _____ thing to do.
A) sensible B) sensitive C) selfish
26. - "I’d like to know _____."
- "Well, he’s quite shy but when you get to know him, he’s very nice."
A) what Peter looks like B) what Peter is like C) how Peter is like
27. If I _________ you were waiting for me, I ____________ much earlier.
A) ‘d known / ’d come B) knew / ‘d come C) ‘d known / ‘d have come
28. When you travel to France you ______ take your passport. Your identity card is enough.
A) mustn’t B) don’t have to C) must
29. Which word contains the same consonant sound as "ch" in "machine"?
A) chemist B) information C) George
30. Which word has the same stress pattern as "promises"?
A) experience B) advised C) politics
31. You’ll just have to learn all those expressions _________ .
A) by heart B) by word C) in memory
32. Please do not ___________ to contact our office in case of any difficulty.
A) hesitate B) delay C) deny
33. Keep the ________ if you think you may need to change that shirt.
A) recipe B) registration form C) receipt
34. She is always hugging and kissing her friends; she’s a very __________ girl.
A) charming B) moody C) affectionate
35. All _________ for the job must fill in the correct form.
A) employees B) applicants C) employers
KEY: 1T 2F 3F 4F 5F 6A 7C 8C 9C 10A 11A 12B 13B 14C 15B 16C 17C 18C 19C 20B 21A 22C 23A 24C 25A 26B 27C 28B 29B 30C 31A 32A 33C 34C 35B

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