jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

modal verbs

Are you a good detective? Can you solve each mistake?
 Find  the mistake and correct it.It's very easy.Remember all the sentences have a mistake

-He must to be there by six o’clock.
-Do you like to go out tonight?
-You don’t have to park here. It’s forbidden.
-You should talked to him. He’s very upset.
-He can be able to speak three languages.
-I had like some coffee, please.
-You ought see a doctor.
-Did you can finish your work last night?
-Shall you go out tonight?
-Will you like some coffee?
-They mustn’t read that book. It’s not included in the list for the exam.
-We always spend our summer holidays in Scotland, but we don’t may go there this year.
-I think she will can drive in a week..

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