miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

oral activity:what is important to be your friend?


(very, very important)

(very important)


(not very important)

You must say why!

He or she …

.is nice to talk to. _______

.has a nice family. _______

.likes the same things I like. _______

. has a good sense of humour. _______

. is never angry. _______

. is good-looking. _______

. doesn’t talk about me behind my back. _______

. knows me very well. _______

. gives me things. _______

. likes my other friends. _______

. helps me when I need help. _______

. is there when I need him/her. _______

. enjoys being with me. _______
Decide with your friends what to write by each sentence. You can talk bout it

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